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What's a Vase Topper?

At Blazing Star Arts we are always creating new products that are fun and practical, and that also solve problems. Meet our Vase Toppers.


These small squares fit snuggle on virtually any drinking glass and immediately convert it to a vase.


1. Fill your glass with water.

2. Place the Vase Topper on the glass

3. Put your flowers through the holes.

Presto! You have a bouquet that stands beautifully full and tall.


1. We were tired of slouching flowers or flowers that simply fell to the rim of a vase or glass instead of appearing like a bouquet.

2. It's fun and makes a creative and easy to mail gift!

3. Because everyone should have flowers in their home!

Choose from multiple colors and designs (floral, ocean, and more). Call us with questions or for local delivery or order online.


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