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Artists Profile


Art has been a significant influence throughout our lives and an experience we continue to share with family and friends. We are captivated by the magic of glass and how something that essentially starts as a grain of sand has the unique ability to capture, reflect, and transmit light in a way that constantly transforms itself and its surroundings.

Our passion for Glass Art has inspired us to study extensively with many of the leading glass artists in the country, including Richard LaLonde, Michael Dupille, Ann Cavanaugh, Patty Gray, Kevin Kanyo, Gail Stouffer, and Fred Buxton.

We are constantly pushing ourselves to embrace new techniques. Every piece we create is not only an exciting adventure but an opportunity to learn and translate our ideas and environment into glass forms. 

                                             ~Sue and Bonnie






     * National Park Service Solo Show     

     * Ventura Land Trust Solo Show

     * Glass Craft Expo Gallery of Excellence - Award Winner

     * Spring Arts & Crafts Festival, Newbury Park 

Our Studio

Our studio was named in celebration of the native California Blazing Star flower. Its vibrant, delicate blooms are like graceful, yellow fireworks that explode each spring and transform the hillsides with beauty and hope. Like this flower, we believe our art glass, forged in the blazing hot kilns of our California studio, can bring hope to others. Each year we donate our art glass to support Healthcare for Homeless Animals, The David Alcala Scholarship Foundation, Actors for Autism and Others.

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