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New Year New Designs

Happy New Year!

January is one of our favorite months of the year! It's when we take time in the studio to innovate and create new designs, work on major exhibits, and refresh our creative juices!

This year we are busy planning for our show and sale supporting the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. This annual event will take place in May and June at the visitor's center at King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas, California. In addition, we are proud to announce that we will be doing an exhibit and sale with the Ventura Land Trust, with a portion of each sale going to support their work conserving and restoring open space. This show will run from October through December. Stay tuned for details.

In addition, we are experimenting with new techniques and designs. For example, we've designed a glass framework that we can use to weave baskets. This is a technique in progress, so keep an eye out for more designs.

The example pictured uses a custom-designed, clear fused glass frame and recycled silk from discarded saris that has been cut, washed, line dried, and ironed. After weaving the piece several times and ways, we were delighted with this final result. This art-basket highlights the fusion of glass and silk. We are experimenting with different fabrics and textures including , rattan, leather, silk, thread, and other materials for the weave, and creating both fine art and practical designs.

We are excited to share we are collaborating to explore the use of glass and ceramic clay in designs as well. For an early glimpse, visit Plants, Crafts, Eats on Instagram.

Finally, we are in the midst of creating new, exclusive designs for Bonibi Coffee in Westlake Village, California. Be sure to stop by to take a look, enjoy coffee and treats, browse their store, and enjoy stunning lakeside views.


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