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Creativity - It's All About YOU!

No doubt 2020 has been a year of unexpected events. And, for most artists we know, it's been a challenge to our creativity. At Blazing Star Arts, we thought it was because our big kiln, the CS26 workhorse, died in March (an omen?). We were left without the ability to fire anything but small pieces for 6 months!

When Jenny arrived (new kiln, YAY), we thought the fog would have lifted. BUT, it persisted. Hmmm.

Then, we agree to do a student documentary on our studio and art - and it all made sense. For the first time since March, we had face-to-face (mask-to-mask) interaction, feedback, reaction, discussion - and it was WONDERFUL.

Finally it all made sense. Art is an emotional process - the making, the seeing, the reacting, the loving (or not). Creativity is all about YOU! And, we'd been missing this and you terribly.

So, in your honor, we headed back to the studio and have been making new and wonderful pieces, from our Kitchen Utensil Rests (more than a spoon rest) to our Aspen Leaf Series and more. Check out our website to see our emerging new designs (and shop if you wish).

We are grateful for many things in 2020, but most of all to you. To show our thanks, we are offering free local, contact-less delivery or pickup within 25 miles of the studio. You can see details on our website or call us to learn more: 818-964-0868.

Bonnie and Sue


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