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Creating With Glass

A Personal Perspective

Art has been a significant influence throughout my life. Through art, I learned to look deeper at the world and the people in it. Today, my work is inspired by nature, the strong women I've known and wish to know, and the desire to inspire individuals to act with thought and intention. Most of all, I hope my works spark imagination, inspire conversation, and bring joy. It is always touching to hear how my work in glass has touched an individual in ways I never thought possible.

Glass art challenges me to explore new techniques and find answers to the impossible. It lets me see ordinary things in extraordinary ways and to connect with people in a completely different way. Working with glass has given me the opportunity to meet, befriend, and study with some of the country's most amazing fused glass artists: Ann Cavanaugh, Patty Gray, Richard LaLonde, Michael Dupille, Fred Buxton, and others yet to come.

Blazing Star Arts was named for the native California Blazing Star flower. Its vibrant, delicate blooms are like graceful, yellow fireworks that explode each spring and transform the hillsides with beauty and hope. Like this flower, I aspire to create art glass in the blazing hot kilns of my California studio, which brightens homes and offices across the world.

Bonnie Quintanilla

Blazing Star Flower


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