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What's New?

We are excited to share our new collections and some of our products for 2019. All are available on our website, at shows, and can be customized to your colors and sizes.

This year, we are including a bar of Shugar Soapworks soap with every soap dish purchased. Their artful boxes and beautiful scents are the perfect complement to our unique designs.

We are introducing our new nature-inspired Botanical Collection. Using the fossil vitrea technique, we create stunning pieces using real fern fronds and lavender flowers and leaves. The process uses glass powder, which fuses permanently in the shape of the objects. The organic material burns off during firing. We can create custom shapes and sizes on request.

Many of you have asked if we can make more practical artwork. Our Landscape Collection is just that. We created remarkable plates and serving dishes that can be displayed as artwork when not in use at a dinner or a special celebration. These are available in custom shapes and sizes on request.

Back by popular demand, our Homes Collection now includes plates, serving dishes, and soap dishes. These make ideal gifts for friends and family, and for any new home owner. And, they are a fun way to welcome guests and family to your own home. Let us know if you'd like a custom shape or size.

We've also added fine art and other pieces throughout the site. Take a look around. And, let us know if we can answer any questions!

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