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Joyful Woman

What an appropriate name for this lovely artwork we created for a very special lady. The commissioned piece was designed to look like our client, complete with red hair and a joyous approach to living.

The artwork took several weeks, hours of handwork, and multiple firings. The skirt was created from hand-cut pieces of transparent and opaque glass. The fisrt layer was fired onto clear, a second layer was added and the entire skirt was fused to the overall piece. To create the arms and legs, we made glass wafers from powdered glass and a special medium. These were fired and added prior to the final firing. The hair was hand-curled using a blow torch and pulling techniques. It was a true, studio collaboration and she captured our hearts as she came to life.

The piece measures about 24" high by 27"wide. She is mounted in a custom stand and graces a hillside garden.

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