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Custom Orders & Commissions

Sue and I have been having a blast collaborating on the design and creation of seven custom orders/commissions including birthday gifts, wedding presents, garden art installations, art panels for the home, and an indoor light.

These pieces include joyous women, wild animals, serene nature scenes, and snowy fun, and all are custom designed.

How We Work

When a customer comes to use with an idea, we invite them to the studio, meet with them, and ask questions about the vision, colors, shape, sizes, and much more. We make recommendations and guide them as they choose colors based on what we know about how glass will react and fire. We sketch out designs, refine them based on feedback, and create the final inspiration for the piece. Once the design and colors are finalized, we go to work. We try to photograph the pieces at different stages so our customers can see the process, if they'd like.

What We Make

As Picasso said, "Everything you can imagine is real!" The only limit to what we can make is your imagination and the physical properties of fused glass.

If you have an idea or a need, let's talk. Sue and I love to collaborate on the design and work to bring your visions to life in glass.

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