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Meet Puma, Our Baby Kiln

August 5th was an exciting day for us as it was the first time we fired up our new baby kiln, Puma.

So why did we christen it Puma? Our studio is near the Santa Monica Mountains in Southern California, which is home to mountain lions, aka pumas. The National Park Service tags these cats and calls them by names like P20, pictured below. Our kiln's model number is P120, which reminded us immediately of these beautiful creatures. So Puma it is.

And like these big cats, our Puma an amazing powerhouse, but in a small package. In fact, it has a handle like a carry on suitcase, which is how we move it around the studio!

Perhaps most exciting, is we can fire both glass and ceramics, and even both at the same time. But, more about that in a future blog.

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