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Our kiln family...

We love our kilns and are grateful that we have backups.

Jenny, our big kiln holds projects up to about 26" wide. She runs almost daily. Recently she needed new relays, the on/off switches that control the temperature. No problem. We donned our engineering hats and changed them successfully. But when it came to upgrading her software...oops! We ended up having to take out the controller and send it back to the factory.

One kiln out of commission.

Ah, but then there is Puma, our little 10" round workhorse. She runs every day (almost) and sometimes twice! While we can't do larger pieces, we can keep filling orders for the National Park Service and small custom orders from our wonderful customers. Until, two days after Jenny went down, Puma's relay failed, too. We had to order it to be shipped from the factory.

Two kilns out of commission.

Never fear; there is Victor. Now normally Victor is used to pull vitrograph (long pieces of glass) that we use in landscapes and other art. But, Victor can fire like the others, so we put all 7" of him to work. Needless to say, our work was seriously limited!

But we persisted.

Puma is now up and running, and the controller for Jenny is on its way home. We expect to be fully up and back in full production mode within a week. Fingers crossed!

Thank you all for patiently waiting for your orders.

Bonnie, Sue, Jenny, Puma, and Victor


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