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So, Just Ask!

We've all gone to art shows, looked at things in various booths, and thought, "If only they had it in this color." or "Too bad they don't have two of these." or "I wish they had a bigger/smaller one."

So, just ask.

Here's why. We have more than 200 pieces of glass art and glass art-ware that we've designed and handcrafted for our Fall shows. And, we bring virtually every piece with us. Some pieces, like our soap dishes, may replicate designs or color combinations. Other pieces are variations in a collection, and may be different shapes and sizes. While we'd love to show everything, we can't put it all out safely or attractively.

So, just ask.

The chances are, we have what you are looking for. And, if we don't we can custom make it just for you. In fact, we just completed a piece that was design with a customer in our booth at the recent Kaleidoscope show.

So, just ask!

We love making glass art and glass art-ware, and would love to design something expressly for you.

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