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Pot Melts! (It's not what you think!)

One of the things we love about fusing glass is that there is very little waste. Each little scrap is saved and used in new projects, or put aside for a pot melt. Using this technique we combine various hues of compatible glass (same COE) in a pot and heat it to a very high temperature - over 1600 degrees - very slowly.

As the temperature of the glass rises and becomes liquid, it oozes like honey out of openings in the bottom of a special pot and into a casting ring that creates a round piece of stunning glass with random patterns that are similar to marble. The ring also keeps the glass from flowing all over the kiln!

Each pot melt is a unique piece of art that is impossible to duplicate. Once cooled, we can display it as art, or use the glass in any number of different projects. The only limit on what we can create is our imagination.

We'll be firing our first ever pot melt in our studio February. Check back to see the results!

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