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How To Ship Glass Art and Artware

One of the questions we get most during the holiday season is, "How can I ship this glass art and artware safely?" It's not as complicated as you may think, depending on the piece, of course.

Step 1:

Wrap each item individually before putting it in a shipping box, wrap the item in paper, then wrap it again in at least 3 layers of bubble wrap for adequate protection.

Step 2:

Place the wrapped glass in a corrugated box, with at least 3 inches of space between the glass and all sides (including the top and bottom) of the box. Corrugated boxes add another layer of protection for shipping glassware, as cardboard is a relatively rigid and shock-absorbing material. For the filler, use recyclable packing peanuts or air pillows to minimize shock and friction. Don't use newspapers or similar materials.

Start by laying down 3 inches (or more) of the filler at the bottom of the box. Then place your item on top, then fill in around the sides and top. Around 10-15% extra void filler should be used to overfill the box to ensure that the items within don't move when the package is shaken. Finish by securely taping down the box flaps using packing tape and marking it with a fragile sticker.

For multiple pieces:

If the glass art is small and relatively light (less than five points), you can ship multiple pieces in the same box. Wrap them individually (as above) and use corrugated dividers to separate them within the box. Arrange them so that weight is distributed evenly within the box – ideally, the weight difference between items should be no more than 2 pounds. Be sure to add filler around each item (as above).

Ship heavier and larger pieces in individual boxes.

Shipping methods:

Proper packing should be enough to protect glass art and artware without special postal services. However, a fragile or special handling service, as well as insurance, may be worth considering. Consider adding universally recognized packing symbols ( on your boxes to ensure proper handling during delivery.

These simple tips will ensure your recipient enjoys their glass art and artware from Blazing Star Arts for years to come.


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