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Holiday Table Decor

Let Blazing Star Arts inspire you to do something different this year.

Out of all the must-do holiday jobs, one of our favorites is readying the table for holiday gatherings. It's a delightful way to give guests a special touch they'll remember. And, every year, we love to find new ideas that blend traditions, nature, and our handmade glass. Here are a few of our favorites.

TIP: Start early and decide on your theme, colors, and design. Then be sure you have enough chairs, serving plates, cutlery, and favors for all.

Keep your color scheme simple and choose one that will last throughout fall and winter. For simplicity, stay with one color, green, gold, blue, or another choice. Then, use different shades across your accent accessories like fabrics and candle holders for a beautiful impact. Finally, use different types of bowls and serving dishes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Choose a mix of shapes and shades that almost match but not exactly, so the overall look appears cohesive but delves more, and there's plenty of unusual surprises. For example, creating an eclectic mix of handmade glass pieces draws everyone in and creates a layered landscape across your festive table.

Don't overlook the impact of lighting on ambiance. Think candles (in all shapes and sizes), fairy lights, side lanterns - low-level lighting that gives a glow to the entire room. Scattering fairy lights across the table showcases individual place settings with the twinkling lights that light your table and the room.

Bring nature inside. A foraged or floral centerpiece creates impact, especially when combined with holiday-themed pieces that you can change easily throughout the season. The key is to use a variety of textures and heights. When picking foliage, think about how the colors and textures will work together. Combine larger, softer greenery like ferns with more structured sprigs of spruce or eucalyptus, and mix waxy leaves like magnolia or holly with dried flowers to create natural depth and interest

TIP: As you decorate, step back, see where your eyes travel, and think about whether or not your table is practical and beautiful.

From all of us, happy holidays!


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