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Lavender Oil and Fused Glass!

One of the newest techniques we've discovered this year is Textured Fused Glass Mosaics. It's a time consuming process, but the results are stunning!

After designing the size, shape, and overall look for the piece we envision, we carefully select the colors of glass to use. Using a special process, we apply texture to large sheets of the glass to create part sheets.

The texture is applied using the tools shown in the photo below. During the process we use a special concentrate of lavender oil, which makes the process relaxing and fragrant! Many of the textures we use are inspired by nature, music, writing, and, at this time of year, the holidays.

The part sheets are fired in the large kiln for just under 24 hours. When cool, we hand-cut them into the specific sizes and shapes we need, and position them in the mosaic design.

Once set, we "frout" between each small piece. This is a form of grouting using tiny pieces of glass.

After firing another 24 hours, we clean clean the flattened, fused piece and then hand or cold work it to achieve the perfect the look. Finally, it's fired one more time to slump it into the desired shape. Another 24 hours in the kiln, and the magic is complete!

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